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  1. General Secretary reporting from the National Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council.


  • Pawusa (through the working together agreement with Denosa)
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After a long while Pawusa / Denosa had the opportunity to represent their members at the PHSDBC the first real meeting for the council for the year 2018 resumed on the 28th March 2018 at the offices of the bargaining council in Centurion Johannesburg. Presiding the meeting was Mr. Mahmood Fadal, supported by the Council Secretary Mr. Mpumelelo Sibiya. The Chief Negotiator for the Employer Advocate MT Ngake.

  1. Matters for discussion:

2.1. Amendment of Revised Non-Pensionable Recruitment Allowance referred to as Rural Allowance.
2.2. Draft Agreement on Uniform Provisions for Health Professionals
2.3. Agreement on the Payment of Danger Allowance for Health Professionals
2.4. Resolution 1 of 2009 – OSD for Social Service Professionals and Occupations
2.5. Draft Resolution on Childcare and Breast-Feeding Facilities for Lactating Mothers Employed in the Public Health and Social Development Sector
2.6. Report of the Gauteng, Limpopo and Kwazulu-Natal departments of Health Forensic Pathology Services. (Fact finding meetings)
Additions to Agenda
2.7. Professional Drivers Permits for EMS personnel
2.8. Continuous Professional Development for EMS personnel

The Employers response:

To both 2.1 – 2.5 the employer responded that it does not have a mandate to engage these matters as yet because of its nature. They explain that a directive has been received not to engage on matters that has financial implications as the Employer and Labour is currently in the process to engage into salary negotiations with Labour. On the request on the presentation of this document the employer responded that they at the time do not have it available.

On 2.6: The Employer tabled a document “Status of implementation Resolution 4 of 2017 responding to the Forensic Pathology Officers.

Labour response:

Labour cross examined the Employer after a caucus and during the process it was clear that the Employer battled to find its feet. It was clear that the Employer was taking chances and came to the meeting un prepared exchanging no concerted effort to bargain in good faith. Labour responded that they tried to complied to every request that was made by the Employer including making the draft proposals for the Employer to look at. These submissions were made during the cause of 2017 and the Employer is trying to twizzle labour. Labour concluded by making a proposal that was accepted by the Employer to compile its report on the above matters by the 12th April 2018 for further engagement on the 19th April 2018. Labour made it clear that its intend was to finalise these postponed matters pending for so long.

On 2.6: Labour reported that this is not what was expected but more a draft report on all matters regarding the FPO`s and how we will be able to resolve the problem. Draft document is therefore to be submitted on the 12th April 2018 for engagement on the 19th April 2018 as mentioned above

In respond to matters 2.7 and 2.8 further submissions will be made on the 19th April 2018.

Report submitted by the Pawusa Secretariat

Abdul hadee Vent
Pawusa General Secretary.