NAPTOSA laments over 2018/2019 DBE’s budget speech – 9 May 2019


NAPTOSA is of the view that the 2018-19 Department of Basic Education’s budget speech is a missed opportunity for South Africa to fulfil its commitment to realise government’s mandate to make access, redress, equality, efficiency, inclusivity and quality educational opportunities a reality. NAPTOSA president questioned if indeed government and the DBE is truly committed to realising UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 in particular.

Those who cannot speak for themselves, the children and teachers of South Africa, are paying the price of a government that allowed state looting under its watch. Mr Ntantala lamented the fact that the burden will once again fall on the teacher to do more with less.

NAPTOSA acknowledges that tough fiscal trade-offs needed to be made to strengthen the economy, but cuts in education is short-sighted. Children and teachers are subjected to deplorable conditions of learning and teaching. Have we forgotten that it was grade R learners who have paid with their lives, because of infrastructure deficiencies? “This budget trade-off will only result in the delivery of poor quality service by the department to our educators”, said Mr Ntantala. “When the sun was still shining on the department and education enjoyed substantive budget allocations, the department failed to seize the opportunity and address problems faced by the education system of our country”.