Statement out of NEC meeting: 12-13 June 2018

Following NAPTOSA’s NEC meeting of 12 and 13 June 2018, and certain media reports, the following statement on a number of pertinent issues is hereby issued:

Violence in schools

The last few weeks have seen a spike in incidents of violence in the school environment, both against learners and educators. NAPTOSA wishes to add its voice to those of others who have roundly condemned these acts. We have repeatedly requested the Minister to address this issue – it can no longer wait.

NAPTOSA also calls on MEC’s of Education Departments in those provinces where these incidents have occurred to act decisively against the perpetrators. It has been noted that some of these MEC’s tend not to act with the same fervor when educators are on the receiving end of violence by learners as they are in converse situations. It is time that the employer value and protect their employees.

Learner pregnancies

This is another extremely worrying phenomenon that keeps on escalating. Although schools have to deal with the matter, it is a broader societal problem that will only abate through the co-operation and a concerted effort of Education Departments, schools and the parent community. Research has shown that many of these pregnancies are not peer related, but more than often involve adults from the community. Parents, in particular, must take up the responsibility of protecting their girl children against these ruthless individuals.

NAPTOSA believes that educators who violate the safe school environment by preying on girl learners must feel the full might of disciplinary or even criminal action.